New to Baseball

UpdatedThursday October 14, 2021 byChester Perdue .


Baseball is a game that combines skill, timing, athleticism, and strategy. Some people think it is the ultimate combination.  It is a game that is enjoyable to watch and play, both as a child as well as an adult.  Engage your child early in the sport of baseball.  Not only will you bring enjoyment to your whole family as participants and spectators, you will also be promoting and developing involvement in an activity that can be enjoyed throughout teenage and adult years as part of a healthy and wholesome live style.

Even if you or your child(ren) haven't played in years, or never played at all, you can feel confident that your child will benefit from a league and volunteers that all share the desire to see every child has the opportunity to have fun learning to play baseball.  Rules have been constructed to ensure participation and the atmosphere is what you make it.  Nothing beats cheering for your son or daughter at the part on a beautiful spring night.

If you are a parent new to baseball, and specifically Rohnert Park Cal Ripken Baseball, this section will answer some of your basic questions surrounding typical time and date commitments, and a handy table to determine what division your child will play based upon their year of birth and experience.

If you have additional questions don't hesitate to use the various contact methods on this website to ask questions


Playing Age: Your childs playing age for Cal Ripken is their age as of May 1, 2021