Local Rules

UpdatedTuesday January 11, 2022 byChester Perdue .


Each Manager will be provided with a rulebook:  The most current edition of Cal Ripken Division of Babe Ruth Baseball with Official Playing Rules and The RPCR Managers Handbook. There is also a copy of the Cal Ripken Rulebook and the Local Rules located in every snack shack and / or at every equipment job box. If, during a game, a question arises about a rule, call timeout so the managers and umpires can clarify. Umpires do not have to justify their calls. A manager must be able to refer to the rule in question. It is best that every manager and coach read both rule books to familiarize themselves with all rules. It will also assist in the location of the in question. A special rule review session will be held before the beginning of the season. Managers, coaches (both are required) and parents are invited. In accordance with the Charter of Babe Ruth Baseball issued to the City of Rohnert Park, the League Board of Directors is empowered to make local modifications to the rules. In the event of any controversy or protest, these local rules will have priority over any other rules. RPCRBR Board Members can delay the start of a game to settle safety concerns or other important issues.

2022 Local Rules and Manager Hanbook.pdf