Majors 70

UpdatedTuesday September 29, 2020 byChester Perdue .

The most experienced level of Cal Ripken Baseball, Majors is for 11 and 12-year-old players only. Majors is played under the Official Baseball Rules but Cal Ripken implements some special rules as necessary for the development and welfare of this young age group. The Major/70 division features a 50' pitching distance and 70' base paths with games consisting of six innings. To encourage the league to train more pitchers, there are rules that set the maximum number of innings a pitcher may pitch in a calendar week.

All games are player pitch.

• Players may pitch a maximum of six (6) innings in a week.

• All players bat.

• Nine (9) defensive players are utilized.

• Minimum play 4 innings in a six (6) inning game 3 innings in a five (5) inning game 2 innings in a four (4) inning game

• Skill assessments are required

• Players are subject to a draft

• Bases are 70 feet apart

• The pitchers plate is set at 50 feet

• Lead-offs and pick-offs are permitted