Minors- AA

UpdatedTuesday September 29, 2020 byChester Perdue .

Recommended for ballplayers ages 9 - 11 (10 and 11-year olds not chosen by draft in Minors AAA - based on skill assesment).

AA is the beginning level of real baseball.  3 strikes is an out and 4 balls is a walk; 3 outs and the inning is over.  While it is more enjoyable to watch runners running and batters batting, the reality is that at some point along the path of learning baseball, players must begin to learn the art of pitching and hitting.

• All games are player pitch.

• Pitching maximum of 2 innings per game for a total maximum of 4 innings per week

• All players will bat.

• Nine (9) defensive players are utilized

• Minimum play 4 innings in a six (6) inning game 3 innings in a five (5) inning game 2 innings in a four (4) inning game

• Skill assessments are required for this division.

• Players are subject to a draft.

• The Infield Fly rule is in effect

*** 8-year olds are eligiable based on skill assesment