What is Quickball?

UpdatedTuesday September 29, 2020 byChester Perdue .

“6U Babe Ruth Quickball” to Enhance the Entry-Level Baseball Experience for Players and Coaches

Hamilton, N.J. – Babe Ruth League, Inc., the international youth baseball and softball organization, and USA Quickball, a high-speed, low-pressure baseball training sport, announced today an official partnership that will enhance the entry-level experience for players and coaches. The new division is named “6U Babe Ruth Quickball,” and will be offered to players ages 4-6 throughout the world, providing an inclusive setting where youth players and coaches can thrive in a positive, success-based environment.

Quickball mixes physically active play with individual accomplishment and style, revolutionizing baseball at the grassroots level. 6U Babe Ruth Quickball will give players with little or no diamond experience a chance to learn and build baseball skills in a fun, active and team setting. Additionally, game play can take place anywhere; indoors or outside, in a gymnasium, on a playground or at a youth complex, making the program adaptable to different regions and environments.

“We believe that by offering 6U Babe Ruth Quickball, we are evolving and giving our entry-level players and coaches something new that they will enjoy together,” said Steven Tellefsen, President and CEO of Babe Ruth League, Inc.  “Quickball is one of the best teaching programs I have ever seen in our sport, and it offers the perfect combination of being practical, interactive and fun at the same time.  We are excited about this partnership and look forward to the growth of 6U Babe Ruth Quickball.”

Kids and parents often find entry-level baseball programming slow and uninteresting, resulting in an unpleasant introduction to the game that can negatively impact their long-term interest.  6U Babe Ruth Quickball will address these issues by simplifying instruction for new parent-coaches and deliver success-based programming that gives every kid a chance to learn and thrive in a team setting.

“This partnership with Babe Ruth League, Inc. is directly in-line with Quickball’s vision of revolutionizing the way baseball and softball is taught to young players,” said Chris Mackie, Co-Founder of USA Quickball.  “We have had a great relationship with Babe Ruth League for a while now, but formalizing this partnership creates an opportunity for us to grow with them, while sharing the same vision for enhancing the experience of entry-level baseball among players, coaches, parents and administrators.”

In addition to Babe Ruth League, Inc., USA Quickball has been partners with the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation since 2003.  Other organizations that have worked with USA Quickball through events and programing initiatives include Major League Baseball, RBI Baseball, MLBPAA and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.