Snack Shack Guidelines

UpdatedWednesday September 30, 2020 byChester Perdue .

  • Snack Shacks are located at A1, A2, B1, H, C2 and Cator


  • For each home game there must be two adults (18+)


  • You may include one younger worker (15 and up) with two adults


  • Anyone under 15 are not allowed to touch the cash register


  • We understand some parents must have their younger children with them. For safety reasons and respect of others we need to keep this to a minimum


  • NO items in the Snack Shack are to be given away!


  • Umpires are allowed a hot dog if they are left over at the end of the game and water or Gatorade for each game worked.


  • Volunteers need to sign in at the start of each shift


  • Specific instructions for each Snack Shack will be posted at the parks 


  • The Home Team is required to have 2 workers in the Snack Shack 30 minutes prior to game time. Failure to staff Snack Shack will result in a forfeit for your team


  • At all parks there will be a Snack Shack supervisor or board member to open and lockup the Snack Shack. Please note they are only there to handle money and lockup not to clean. 


  • Cleaning and stocking are the responsibility of the teams working the Snack Shack.
  • Please fill supplies as needed


  • Rotate older stock to the front


  • Cleanup includes but not limited to coffee pots, crock pot, hot chocolate machine, hot dog machine, nacho area, wiping counters, sweeping and mopping floors


  • Restrooms needs to be cleaned and stocked after each game

Snack Shack Guidlines.pdf